Dry Creek Elementary School

Online Educational Tools

ST Math (Jiji)

Access Jiji from home!

Students should all learn their passwords in class and then be able to access the program from home.

Imagine Learning

Many of our students now have access to a wonderful language arts program called Imagine Learning. Students can login from home, but if using a computer, please use the Mozilla Firefox browser as Chrome plugins don't work well with the program. Student ID numbers are the usernames.

Accelerated Reader

Students can access Accelerated Reader from home! Make sure you check with your child's teacher to know what books your child should be reading and taking quizzes on first!


Dry Creek Accelerated Reader Login 

Lexia Core 5

Students can now access their Lexia accounts easily from home! Go to the Lexia Core 5 website for Dry Creek, enter your student's id number, and the password (see your child's teacher if you don't know the password), and that's it!

Lexia Core 5 is a new and updated version of the previous Lexia we have used for the past few years. This is a great individualized program meant to help students fill in any gaps they might have from missing skills or concepts.

Low-Cost Internet

Gotta Keep Reading

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SBAC Practice Tests

Illuminate Education (for teachers)

Reflex Math

Reflex Math

Click "Launch" in the upper right corner, enter your teacher's username, find your name, and then enter your password (ID number).

Other Sites

Keyboarding Sites