Dry Creek Elementary School

Secretary- Miss Candy


About our Secretary

I truly enjoy being the secretary here at Dry Creek Elementary and being a part of this wonderful community in Rio Linda.  My office is one that is known throughout the district to be warm, friendly, and full of many exciting "critters".  When you stop by, you might meet some of the friendly critters that happen to be out during that month (and no, none of them are alive...musical and fun, but not alive!)  I've been collecting my stuffed animals and toys for years, and definitely feel that they help make the Dry Creek office an environment that is wonderful for our children.

I have worked in the Rio Linda/Twin Rivers districts for over 25 years and love getting to meet and work with all of the amazing people here.  My husband and I raised three beautiful daughters together, and I began volunteering at their school, Woodridge Elementary, when they were all young.  I was there so much that the principal finally asked to just hire me!  So, I started working as an aide for the reading teacher, moved to being a classroom paraeducator, which later led to a position as the attendance clerk.  When all of my girls were done with school, I then switched over to Vineland Elementary to become the secretary there (and that's also where my toy collection began to grow!).  Later when the secretary position here at Dry Creek opened up, I excitedly jumped at the opportunity to work at such a great school.  Twelve years later, I'm still here and still loving it!

My family is naturally a huge part of my life and we enjoy spending time together whenever we can.  We have one daughter living in here in Sacramento, one here in Antelope, and another in Morgan Hill, but we still all manage to make it to Disneyland each Christmas for a fun family vacation!  Disney is another of my guilty pleasures, so you will more than likely see some Disney characters somewhere in the office here as well!  I want your experience at Dry Creek to be a great one, so feel free to drop in and say hi!

Candy Dixon

Miss Candy